Law Firm

Welcome to Knierim & Kollegen Rechtsanwälte in Mainz. We operate throughout Germany and internationally as a defender and consultant in criminal matters. We refer closely to our clients in all our dealings, planning and activities. A good description of our philosophy is to be found in section 1(3) of the Code of Conduct for Lawyers, which is published by the Federal Chamber of Lawyers:

"As an independent consultant and representative in all legal matters, a lawyer has to protect its clients against prospective loss of rights, within the framework of the law, avoiding conflict and settling disputes, and supporting them to protect them from poor decisions by courts or authorities and ensure them against unconstitutional encroachment and that state power is not exceeded."

Both in classical individual defence in economic and criminal tax matters as well as in corporate defence, including so-called internal investigations, we have gained the reputation as outstanding criminal experts. The specializations of our legal practice and the specialist lawyers who deal with them can be found here.

In the opinion of many market observers, our law firm commands an especially prominent position in the range of advice and services offered by law firms in Germany. This is due to the fact that our services are provided in conjunction with specialists from other fields, with universities and on the basis of technical publications with scientific merit. We provide every 14 days specialist commentary in the area of criminal law in respect of the latest cases to C.H.Beck-Verlag, Munich (specialist publisher for criminal law). Furthermore, current editors and members of the editorial board of the journal "New Journal of Economic, Fiscal and Corporate Criminal Law" of the publisher C.H.Beck (Neue Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts-, Steuer- und Unternehmensstrafrecht, NZWiSt) are based in our practice.

Through a voluntary cooperation, substantiated through mutual recognition and premised on the same quality standards throughout Europe, and by a worldwide network of law firms, tax advisors and auditors, we combine national along with international know-how, to represent our clients effectively in the German legal system.


Thomas C. Knierim established the practice in 1991. For the former banker and public prosecutor at the foreground was to gain the broadest possible experience in client consulting and criminal defence. In the mid-90s, coupled with a merger with another Mainz law firm in 1994, came the realisation that specialisations in banking law, tax and accounting law and the competition and international trade law could be expanded within the practice. From about 2003, expertise in insolvency and environmental law were added after a move to new premises. The consistent widening of service offerings was enhanced by the involvement in the criminal proceedings initiated by the Munich Public Prosecutor in connection with the Siemens (2006) and the MAN corruption (2009) cases.